Sevin Dust

Read the instructions and warnings on the product packaging. Sevin Dust is a poison. While it has been approved for use, you do not want the dust on your skin or in your eyes. More importantly, it is easy to inhale Sevin Dust as the powder is very fine. Wear a mask while working with this product. It doesn't penetrate plant tissue and it is easily broken down by the environment.

Be cautious that your pet doesn't inhale the powder while breathing.

Killing flea populations is easy with Sevin Dust. This product works on a variety of insects and is very effective in controlling fleas. Sevin Dust can be sprinkled in the yard on your lawn, and also on fruit and vegetable bearing trees and plants as well as shade trees, bushes and ornamental type plants. Some people put Sevin Dust on window sills to keep fleas from coming inside their homes. Sevin Dust is a highly poisonous product so care must be taken when handling it. It is not recommended that you use Sevin Dust on your pets, even though some people do. (information source: eHow)

The active ingredient in Sevin Dust is carbaryl, an insecticide that kills over one hundred insect species. Carbaryl is commonly sold under the name Sevin, which is a trademark of the Bayer Company.

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