Dog Grooming Table

Basically, the dog grooming table is a place to stand the dog while you groom. My first table was an old desk from the thrift store. Any table will do for a grooming table, just make sure you are comfortable at it. (If you have to lean or stretch to reach the dogs, your back, arms and neck will not be able to take it over time.)

There are many types of dog grooming tables on the market that range in price. The lower cost tables are the folding tables and are sufficient for most every need. They come in different heights and need to be the proper height for the groomer’s comfort.

The upper priced dog grooming table is adjustable and can be set accordingly to the size of each dog. This is great for groomers that groom both the large and smaller dogs. The adjustable tables are usually either electric or hydraulic.

Whatever type table you choose to use, it must be whatever works best for you.

In the Clipper, Shears, etc. page, I talked about the hands on tools. This includes the clippers, scissors, and brushes that are used to groom a dog.

This page covers some of the stationary equipment that will be used such as the dog grooming table, tub, dryer, and cages.

Bath Tub

There are several manufacturer’s to choose from with lots of different options. The basic choices are: stainless steel or plastic, with a door or without a door, with a splash guard or without a splash guard, or with a step, or without a step. No matter which one you choose, bottom line is they all do the same thing, give you a place to wash a dog. Whether you choose a plastic or stainless steel tub, you once again want to get something that is comfortable for you and that you can comfortably bathe the dog.

I was also frugal when choosing my tub. I went to the local salvage yard and found an old porcelain tub for a very reasonable price. I then built a wooden frame from the trusty 2X4’s to mount the tub on. I wanted the tub to be a comfortable height so I wouldn’t have to bend over to wash the dogs. I worked with my plumber to make sure the height was not too high or too low so as to allow the water to drain out of the pipes.

However, if you would like a more professional look to your shop, a grooming tub might better suit your needs.  There are many accessories for your bathing tub also to make bathing your dogs easier.  

Blower / Dryer

My first dryer was a personal hair dryer with a “no heat” switch. It took forever to dry a dog, but it works in a pinch. My recommendation is a forced air blower with NO heating element. The air will only get as hot as the motor, which is very minuet. The blower will dry the dog’s fur without burning, and straighten the curly and wavy hair for a beautiful look. There are several brands to choose from. Research the blower you want and ask other groomers which one they like.

When figuring in initial costs, reliability, and maintenance, I have always had the best results with the Air Force (c), B-Air (c), and Master Equipment (c) blowers.  

Holding Cages

Holding cages have many uses, but the basic use is to keep the dog from wandering around the shop while you work. You never want to leave your dog unattended on the grooming table or in the tub.  But if the phone rings, a customer walks in, or other distractions, you'll need somewhere to hold your dog while you take care of business.   

If you are running a business, I recommend you have at least 3 holding cages to begin with.  Then purchase more as your business grows.  

For questions or comments, you can contact me @Animal Ark Grooming or in my NEW Facebook comment section below.

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