Dog Anxiety

Grooming Anxiety
Dog Separation Anxiety

There are many things to grooming a dog that contribute to dog anxiety. Just the fact that you are leaving your pet in a different environment triggers dog separation anxiety.

Running the clippers over the dog can be another contributing factor. Dogs have very sensitive hearing so it's safe to say that it's the buzzing sound that annoys the dogs. And same as people, dogs just don't like you in their personal space.

Trimming the excess hair from between the toes and pads of the feet contribute to the dog anxiety also. Many dogs, especially cocker spaniels, have ticklish feet. Take your time and do a little bit at a time. This will reduce the anxiety that comes from ticklish feet and sensitive parts of the dog.

They will also be getting a bath and a blow dry. Since dogs are like kids, bath time is not one of their favorite times. Talking to the dog or singing in a comforting voice can help relax the dog.

Some breeds require extra maintenance such as pulling ear hair. This might sound like a painful procedure, but if done correctly it's mostly annoying. I usually compare it to pulling a string out of your throat. It doesn't really hurt, but it feels weird. Avoid pulling the hair on the outside of the ear canal. These hairs seem to be rooted deeper and can hurt. I usually trim the hairs on the outside of the ear canal to avoid accidentally pulling them.

When the grooming process is finished, and you have returned to pick up your baby, you’ll notice the nervousness has been replaced with pride and excitement. Their tails are wagging, they have a prance in their step, and their heads are held high as they leave out the door. Your dog is beautiful, knows it, and is ready to go show off to the world.

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