Comfortis is a once a month pill that has the advantage of no oily residue on the back of the neck.

I have several customers that have switched to Comfortis and it has been a very effective flea control. If your dog likes cuddling next to you, sleeps with you, or with your children, then you don't have to worry about the medication rubbing off on your clothes, bedding, or children. However, there are side effects that your dog might have such as coughing and/or throwing up, but seem to lessen each month as your dog adjusts. Your veterinarian should have a complete list of side effects.

Comfortis is the trade name for the drug Spinosad.

Comfortis is for dogs 14 weeks or older.

If your dog throws up within an hour, it is possible he threw up the pill. Check with your Vet on whether or not you should give him/her another full pill.

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