Animal Ark Dog Grooming

for "Your Other Family Member"

Animal Ark Pet Grooming is located in Kodak, TN, not far from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We began our business in 2003 and have been providing personal service to the community since. Our clients love their pets and expect them to be treated as a family member, and that is just what we do.

We do small animal grooming and provide one at a time grooming for each client. So whenever you bring your dog or cat to be groomed, the longest they will be here is two hours. This keeps the dog’s stress level to a minimum. Each groomer can then provide their undivided attention to each and every customer from start to finish. Each client, and their human counterparts, appreciate the time that is spent in the dog grooming process.

Animal Ark has two groomers

My name is Teresa and I own and operate the Grooming Shop. I have been grooming since 2004. I learned my skill from Kara, a master groomer, when she worked with me. She taught me, not only how to groom, but many valuable lessons from how to deal with difficult dogs to how to make a round top on a poodle. Patience is the greatest thing I have learned which I have applied to most every situation.

Lois has been grooming since the mid 1970's.  She ran her own business from her home outside of Chicago, IL until she retired in 2010.  She spends most of her time showing her Irish and English Setters, but still grooms part time.  

For questions or comments, you can contact me @Animal Ark Grooming or in my NEW Facebook comment section below.

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