The Dog Dryer

Before you start the dog dryer, towel dry as much of the moisture off your dog as possible to minimize the drying time. Drying the dog with dog grooming dryers will add so much to the looks of a nice grooming. It will not only dry the dog, but also fluff up the fur for a fuller look and blow out any loose hair that the brushing and washing didn’t remove. But before you go grab the blow dryer, read on. You do NOT want to use heat on a dog. There is just too much of a risk of accidentally burning your baby’s skin from the heat. If you use your hair dryer from home, be sure it has a “cool” or "no heat" setting. This will blow air only and no heat. It will take longer to dry your dog this way, but it is worth the time for the safety of your dog. Use your hands to rub the dog’s coat as you blow dry. Your skin will absorb some of the moisture from the dog’s coat and speed the drying process. You can also monitor if the blower get’s too warm.

If you often bath your dog yourself, you might want to invest in a dog grooming dryer. You can purchase a dog dryer that does not have a heating element and will only get as warm as the motor. The size of your dog and the type of coat will determine what size dryer you’ll need. You’ll want one with more power if you are drying a German Shepard than if you are drying a Maltese. Also take note that double coated dogs will sour if you don't get them completely dry.

Other things to keep in mind

  • If your dog has long hair you’ll want to use a lower speed and angle the nozzle as to prevent the hair from twisting into knots.
  • Do not aim the dog dryer directly in the dog’s eyes, ears, or nose. You probably know that, but I thought I better say it anyway.
  • If you have trouble drying around the dog’s eyes and ears, you can use a towel and your hands to finish drying.
  • Refrain from blowing the air around the nose for any length of time. Try it on your own nose and you’ll see it is very difficult to breathe.
  • Pinch the ear canal closed with your fingers when drying around the ear area. You may also want to put a cotton ball in the ear to help muffle the noise and prevent the air from blowing into the canal.

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