Dog Brush, Precut, and De-Matting before the Bath

Using your dog brush, you’ll want to brush out as much of the loose hair as you can before you attempt a dog bath. You won’t be able to remove it all, but you’ll get your dog much cleaner if you remove as much of the loose hair as possible.

No need to wash and dry the hair you're going to cut off and throw away. So let's start by trimming off the excess hair before the bath. You don’t have to worry about getting everything even and smooth at this point. We will be coming back after the blow dry to even up everything. You'd be surprised by what will pop out on your dogs coat after a good dog bathing and blow dry, so don’t bother being too precise before the dog bath.

Mats can be troublesome also. You’ll want to loosen up the mats before dog bathing and drying, otherwise, the process will tighten the mats. Using a de-matting tool, you’ll want to split large mats into several smaller mats that can easily be brushed out with a slicker dog brush. Do not cut the mat out with scissors. You’ll not only leave a big gap in the hair style, but more importantly, you could cut a big chunk of the dog’s skin…. OUCH!!! If you absolutely have to scissor something out of your dog’s fur, run a comb underneath the mat and scissor on the top of the comb, not underneath. This will prevent you from accidentally cutting your dogs skin.

The fur on curly haired dogs such as Poodles and Bichons will tend to “cord” as it grows out if it is not regularly brushed. Most cords will brush out easily, if they are not matted, either before or after a bath with a slicker brush.

Do your monthly maintenances before the dog's bath.

  • Trim the Nails
  • Pull Ear Hair
  • Clean the Dog’s Pads
  • Trim Sanitary patches
  • Anal Glands

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